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Iron Infusion

Many patients are referred to the Centre for Digestive Diseases because they are anaemic and have very low iron on blood tests. Frequently the level of the anaemia is so low that if the patient was to be treated with iron tablets it may take a very prolonged time for the anaemia to be reversed.

A safe and much more rapid method of replenishing the patients low iron stores is to admit them to the Centre for Digestive Diseases for several hours, infuse a large number of ampoules of iron through the vein “as a drip”, and so help the bone marrow to have enough iron available fairly quickly to make new red cells and to restore the persons blood concentration.

This is a quick and effective method of reversing iron deficiency anaemia.

A specialised protocol, prescribed by a doctor, is used to prevent any allergic side. A follow up blood test with your Doctor will demonstrate how quickly the anaemia has recovered.