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Resistant Helicobacter pylori

How do we eradicate it?

Standard first-line treatment for H. pylori infection is marketed throughout Australia. Unfortunately, once a patient has been treated using a standard first-line treatment, but fails to eradicate the infection, the H. pylori remaining can become resistant to a number of the antibiotics used. As such it is imperative that the patient is treated with different antibiotics to reduce the likelihood of creating a "super-resistant" infection.

At the Centre for Digestive Diseases we have developed a second-line treatment which we have seen a success rate of greater that 96% (published data), compared to re-treating with the same or similar first-line treatments which have a low success rate.

Our second-line treatments, which are adjusted to suit each patient based on the number and type of previous treatment, can include the following medications: Rifabutin, Bismuth subsalicylate Furazolidone, Lactoferrin, Nitazoxanide and Levofloxacin.