Current Studies

The Research Department is currently conducting studies in the following areas:

Linaclotide for constipation-predominant IBS

FMT for chronic active UC - FOCUS study

Differences in gut bacteria of patients with CDI or UC before and after FMT

Dietzia C79793-74 in Crohn’s disease

If you are interested in more information about the studies listed above, or would like to know about upcoming studies please call us on (02) 9713 4011

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Department of Research and Innovation

The CDD Department of Research and Innovation is a clinical research group, working in conjunction with private industry – largely pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies – and independently to conduct clinical trials. Clinical research is conducted for development of new and existing pharmaceutical products, as well as medical devices.

All clinical research conducted at CDD is reviewed by a Human Research Ethics Committee. The HREC functions in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research involving Humans as issued by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in accordance with the NHMRC Act, 2007 (Cth), ICH / TGA Good Clinical practice (GCP) guidelines (2000), and the Declaration of Helsinki (2004).

The Department of Research and Innovation is contracted as a clinical research site for many international pharmaceutical sponsored studies in the field of gastroenterology. CDD has worked with many large international Contract Research Organisation’s (CRO’s) to provide a high professional and clinical standard of research. Internal clinical studies designed and directed by Prof. Thomas Borody are conducted to develop treatments and provide new therapies based on his experience in clinical practice. CDD through its Department of Research and Innovation can therefore provide new and effective therapies to patients that would otherwise be unavailable to the wider community.